Our team have the ability to use any digital software to arrange, compose, transpose or transcribe your music for all occasions. We are also competent, published arrangers that can write whatever you need whenever you need it, from solos to symphony’s we have the technology, if you can’t see it below, contact us and let us sort it for you.

  • Transposition: Single instrument $40, arrangement $80
  • Custom arranging of a supplied chart: (up to 10 piece) $60 larger ensembles P.O.A.
  • Transcription of handwritten/MIDI scores: $20 per page
  • Expansion of arrangements with additional instruments: up to 5 additions $10 per instrument. More parts P.O.A.
  • Custom composition: P.O.A.

It is preferable that files submitted to the arranging team are in one of the following formats to facilitate a speedy process:


Other file types will incur an additional fee to cover conversion into one of the above, as listed below:

WAV/MP3 (audio), Image (JPEG, TIFF, etc) or Text/Document Files: $10 per file

Any other file types: $20 per file