MBM School Band Programs

MBM offers a band instrumental program to selected schools, we don’t try to be the biggest or cover the greatest territory, we try to provide a quality musical and educational experience for all our students. MBM does work in conjunction with other service providers to nurture music education as much as possible.

Following a couple of enquires regarding the recent coronavirus…. MBM takes the safety and hygiene of our staff and students seriously, lessons and band will continue as normal, however, we request that if your child is sick please keep them home, this is not new but is perhaps more prevalent at this time. Should you be concerned, mouthpieces can be washed in warm soapy water with a dash of disinfectant and under no circumstances be shared between players. Our team will be carrying suitable disinfectant and are happy to assist students to clean their mouthpiece. More Information on our band programs is available here.

Please check our updated COVID response through the link on our home page for information on how MBM is handling the recent updates from the Department of Education, and for options on flexible delivery of lessons without the use of wind instruments.


For information regarding a specific school please click the appropriate link below.