Murray Bishop Music offers a rental option for the following services:


Our lighting department has a range of options available for hire, from single fixtures to whole lighting rigs. We can also design the set-up for you, or simply rent you the lights and you can create your own lighting atmosphere.

Public Address Systems:

Our audio department has several PA systems available for hire, from small, portable systems for small functions and venues, to larger systems for concerts and outdoor performances.

Portable Recording Equipment:

Our audio department also has a range of portable recording equipment available, from small handheld recorders for recording a speech or small ensemble performance, to larger systems for recording larger ensembles (such as bands or orchestras).


Not only can we supply you with the equipment, but we can also offer the services of personnel to operate the equipment. In addition, our staff are available for set up and pack down of the equipment.

Prices can be tailored to suit your equipment requirements, and short-term hire is available.

Contact us to discuss your needs.