MBM Band Programs

MBM offers a band instrumental program to selected schools, we don’t try to be the biggest or cover the greatest territory, we try to provide a quality musical and educational experience for all our students. MBM does work in conjunction with other service providers to nurture music education as much as possible.

Following a couple of enquires regarding the recent coronavirus…. MBM take the safety and hygiene of our staff and students seriously, lessons and band will continue as normal, however we request that if your child is sick please keep them home, this is not new but is perhaps more prevalent at this time. Should you be concerned, mouthpieces can be washed in warm soapy water with a dash of disinfectant and under no circumstances be shared between players….. our team will be carrying suitable disinfectant and are happy to assist students clean their mouthpiece…

Our Program:

Regularity is a key ingredient in our programs, students commit for a minimum of one year to a weekly tutorial and band rehearsal, of course every now and then things crop up and students need to change but these are dealt with on a one to one basis as they occur. We also try to keep the same tutor/conductor on the same schedule all year round.

MBM generally recommends the Essential Elements Band Method books as our preferred tutorial material but our tutors are well capable of teaching all other recognised methods as well. The method books are largely used in small group tutorials to assist the students to attain the skills necessary to perform the larger band repertoire and to prepare them for a life of music. The band rehearsal then uses the skills learned to prepare ensemble works and performances as an extension of these skills.


Our tutors are professional people and as with all things our program has a cost associated to run it. Each school will be advised of the cost per week per student at the commencement of the year based on the times allocated for each school. These costs are invoiced to the parent/caregiver at the start of each term and are required to be paid by week 3 of each term, you may also elect to pay for the entire year in a single payment. Exceptions to this can be made on a case to case basis after discussion with our team.


Of course, a music student will require a suitable instrument, the school may have some available, there may be one lying around in your home or you might wish to buy one. Whilst MBM is not a retailer, we currently can access a range of instruments to suit every budget and we are happy to assist you in the purchase of a suitable instrument with advice based on years of experience in teaching, retailing, repairing and playing. Whatever you decide, your student needs to bring their instrument on each band day throughout the year!

MBM also operates its own Brass and Woodwind workshop as well as being associated with several repair centres across Australia, if your instrument is not functioning to its best, we can take care of it for you.


One of the most important aspects of music education is communication! Each school has a dedicated page on our website where all performances, tutorials, information etc is placed and kept up to date, that way you can’t miss an email and can access information anytime. More importantly, you can contact our team via email anytime with the contact button on the page, this will send your message to our team no matter where they are and we can address your concern asap!

Beyond School:

Sadly many students play in band during Primary school and then stop in year 7, at MBM we encourage all to continue beyond school and join other bands outside. MBM works closely with community bands and other groups to provide easy access for young players to continue their journey.

Child Protection

We take the safety and well being of your child very seriously, each team member has undergone a child check and protection training to ensure the best environment for your child to learn in